MRO Affiliate Groups

Affiliate Groups in the MRO give practitioners who live near one another an opportunity to come together for zazen as well as for periodic retreats and intensives with visiting MRO teachers and senior students. Sitting with an affiliate group offers an excellent introduction to Zen practice and provides a supportive environment in which to develop one’s zazen and connect with the MRO sangha, dharma holders and teachers.

Spiritual direction and leadership for these affiliate groups is provided by Shugen Arnold, Roshi. In addition, teachers Hojin Kimmel, Hogen Green and Zuisei Goddard work actively with the affiliates on an ongoing basis to ensure that the training and practice within these groups is fresh, alive, and in accord with the teachings of the MRO.

Affiliate groups offer beginning instruction in zazen. Please contact the group directly for information on the schedule and meeting location.

Zen Institute of New Zealand

Buffalo Zen Dharma Community

Zen Affiliate of Vermont

ZMM Affiliates