Board of Directors

MRO Board of Directors Observer Guidelines

Training students of the Mountains and Rivers Order are eligible to attend the quarterly board meetings. This is a way to learn more about the functioning and responsibilities of the board, which is a vital aspect of governance within the MRO. Observers are asked to respect the following guidelines:

I. Formal training students who wish to attend as observers should email to notify them of their desire to attend the meeting. Zoom participants will be sent a zoom link right before the meeting.

II. Meetings begin at 1:15 pm and generally run 2-3 hours. Observers do not need to stay for the entire meeting if they choose not to.

III. If attending via zoom, please mute your computer and turn off your screen so the board members can clearly see each other on one screen.

IV. Observers are invited to listen but are asked not to speak or verbally participate in the meetings.

V. If the board needs to go into a closed session (to discuss confidential or sensitive matters), observers will be placed in the waiting room and readmitted when the closed session has concluded.

VI. Observers may have questions following the meeting and may reach out to any of the board members if they would like to discuss these. The contact information for board members is listed on the website.