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Michael Yukon Grody: In Memoriam

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It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Senior Monastic Michael Choke Yukon Grody who left this life on Wednesday, February 28th, following a six month ordeal with brain cancer. In the end, it was a peaceful death with family and one of his monastic brothers at his side. The following morning, Yukon’s monastic and blood family gathered at dawn to perform the liturgy for the newly deceased, which included caring for his body and dressing him in his robes. Afterwards, everyone joined in the zendo for a morning service in his honor. The sangha gathered again the following Monday at Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery in Kingston for a liturgy service that accompanied his cremation. His funeral took place on Sunday, March 31st at Zen Mountain Monastery.

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Funeral Service on Easter Sunday For Choke Yukon:

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