Diamond Net

Sangha Support In Old Age, Sickness & Death

Providing support and advocacy for practice

Help with challenges – you are not alone

The inevitabilities of old age, sickness, and death are no different today than they were nearly 2500 years ago when the Buddha encountered them as a young prince.

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With this in mind, a group of MRO students and Sangha members came together to form the Diamond Net.

Named after the symbolic Diamond Net of Indra, our goal is to provide support for dharma practice to fellow practitioners during challenging life transitions.

Members of the Diamond Net are available to join you for home practice such as zazen, liturgy, altar care, conversation, or simply being a line of communication with the larger Sangha. If you would like to come to the monastery for a day or for a retreat, but are concerned that you can’t manage the schedule or need some physical help, someone from the Diamond Net can be your attendant for the duration of your stay.

We can put requests out to the sangha for adding your name to personal health & healing lists, or for rides to services if you are unable to get there on your own, or for whatever you need to continue feeling connected to sangha and practice.

If you are homebound for any reason, we’re happy to offer help with everyday tasks such as meal prep, grocery shopping, housecleaning, guidance, personal accounting, childcare, home haircuts, and helping with laundry. Other potential offerings include outdoor maintenance, car care, and transportation for appointments.

Whatever the situation, we want you to know we are available to help. If you’re interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to reach out — diamondnet@mro.org

“The Diamond Net of Indra is a description of the universe in which all things have a mutual identity, an interdependent origination…When one thing arises, all things arise simultaneously. Everything in this net has a mutual causality—what happens to one thing, happens to the entire universe.”

John Daido Loori

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Upcoming Events

Presentation on the experience of low vision and blindness by Gale Delaney - Jan 12, 2020, 1:30 pm

Gale Delaney has worked with those with visual difficulties and those who are blind for many years. She will do a presentation on low vision and blind for us using vision simulators.  We will walk through the ZMM main building to inform where lighting and obstacles might be for those with vision limitations.  Join us in the multi-purpose room of the Sangha House, Sunday January 12th, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm, Zen Mountain Monastery.

Committee Meeting - Sunday, April 12th, 2020, 1:30 pm

The Action Committee meets every two months on the second Sunday of the month. We’re pausing for the winter, skipping the February meeting.  Stay in touch via Basecamp! If you aren’t on Basecamp and would like to be, send a request to diamondnet@mro.org.  Meetings are open to all.
To join remotely via Zoom, contact diamondnet@mro.org for instructions.

Of Interest

Workshop on Navigating the Monastery with Low Vision

Please join us for a hands on workshop on how to safely and appropriately assist someone with vision loss. We will use simulators to allow participants to experience different types of vision loss and to explore what it might be like for someone with vision loss to visit the monastery. How will we guide them if needed? How might we orient them to the space? How much verbal description is helpful and when does it become confusing? What are some simple dos and don’ts that will help us to create a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Vision loss is all around us. Some degree of it is common especially in the elderly. Often, changes in behavior that cause us concern (maybe a friend or relative  loses interest in things that used to engage them or stops taking care of their home) can be related to a loss of vision. Perhaps they bump into things and become “clumsy.” Maybe they don’t say hello to you at the grocery or when they pass you on the street. They become fearful and more isolated. What can we do to help and encourage them?

Jizo Project update

On January 2nd, we began work on the installation of a lift in the main monastery building, which will run from the ground floor to the second floor where the zendo and guest bedroom are located. [read more]

Sunday Greeters

The Diamond Net is available on Sunday mornings at ZMM to assist anyone who has mobility issues or needs a helping hand in any way.  If you don’t see a Diamond Net member at the South entrance, ask the regular greeter or one of the zendo monitors for assistance.

Say Hello...

If you have any questions, or would like to stay up to date with Diamond Net activities and offerings, we'd love to hear from you!

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