Financial Costs of Being a Student

Since the time of the Buddha, the Monastery and lay sangha have had an intimate and mutually-reliant relationship, supporting and nourishing each other. Monastery and Temple program fees make it possible for the Order to support and sustain the monastics, the buildings and grounds, and all that’s necessary to run retreats and residencies. Student donations go directly to supporting the Abbot, teachers, monastics, Monastery and Temple. 

We also recognize that for those with financial limitations and/or those who are self-employed, the financial costs associated with becoming a formal student, or training as a formal student, may be prohibitive. If this is true for you, we encourage you to contact the Training Coordinator to learn about the options available for scholarship assistance. We are committed to ensuring that financial issues do not prevent anyone who wishes to formally train in the Order from doing so.

Financial costs associated with the five gates of entry for becoming an MRO Student:

  1. Participation in an Introduction to Zen Training Weekend (program price: $250, sliding scale/scholarship available)
  2. Completion of a week-long sesshin (program price: $275,  sliding scale/scholarship available)
  3. Meeting with the Guardian Council. While there is no fee associated with this step, those who pass through the Guardian Council are asked to make a $175 deposit toward the cost of their student robe and oryoki bowls. There is scholarship money available to cover this cost.
  4. Tangaryo. A one-time donation to the Order. ($175, sliding scale)
  5. Asking the teacher for the Teachings (no fee)

After entering into formal training, we ask students to make regular donations as part of an ancient practice of dana, or selfless giving. Training Students can choose to be reminded about their student donations on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. The suggested donation is $40 per month; $100 per quarter; or $400 per year. These ongoing donations may also be adjusted to a student’s financial situation.

Students also agree to participate in two sesshin (full or partial week; program price: $150-$200 per sesshin) and one ango per year ($45 suggested donation) as part of their formal training. 

There is a sliding scale and scholarships available for student dues and program fees.