The Jizo Project: Fundraising

Why the Monastery is Fundraising

Within the MRO we support our work primarily through income generated from retreats, residencies, student dues and the Monastery Store. Each year we conduct a year-end holiday dana appeal, and also receive periodic unsolicited gifts. (We reserve more significant capital campaigns for special projects.) Donations accounted for approximately 13% of our total income in 2018. Our income covers our ongoing operating expenses and the cost of running retreats and selling goods in the Monastery Store. We are left with a modest surplus in most years (14% in 2018) that we apply towards important investments in our facilities and grounds for our present and future needs. Major recent investments include:

  • The further expansion of our array of solar panels
  • A reduction in the use of fossil fuels through a move toward green electric heating and improved building insulation
  • The construction of our garden green house
  • Last year’s major renovation of our Monastery kitchen
  • Ongoing renovation and expansion of bathroom and other facilities in the main Monastery building

Without this new fundraising effort, the MRO would not be able to finance the estimated $1.2 million required for the new Jizo House and the installation of the lift in the main Monastery building– that is, not without taking on additional debt, forgoing other important facility and eco-stewardship initiatives, or depleting our important cash reserves. It is therefore with humility, gratitude and urgency that we turn to the sangha and our community with this request for support.

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