The Jizo Project

Work on the Jizo Project Commences!

Work on the Jizo Project Commences!

The Jizo Project is an important initiative to make the buildings and grounds of Zen Mountain Monastery more accommodating.  Having achieved our fundraising goal of $1.2 million, construction work has now commenced!  On January 2nd, we began work on the installation of a lift in the main monastery building, which will run from the ground floor to the second floor where the zendo and guest bedroom are located.  Our work will include making the guest bedroom and bathroom accessible for someone in a wheelchair.  To accommodate the lift, we will make structural changes to the first floor common room and will use this opportunity to further renovate that space, finishing the ceiling, replacing the electric wiring, upgrading the lighting, and making other improvements. This phase of the Jizo Project should take approximately two months.  Construction of the new Jizo House will begin in the spring.  We are hoping that all work on the Jizo Project will be completed in 2020, the 40th anniversary of Zen Mountain Monastery.  For more information on the Jizo Project, please visit our webpage.

The Jizo Project

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