OLD One Continuous Thread


Welcome to One Continuous Thread, a home practice retreat designed to bring elements of a formal zazen intensive into your daily life.  We’re so glad to have you with us. Please read these guidelines we have created especially for those joining online. View or download the schedule for the week and a roster of all sesshin and One Continuous Thread participants.

Click here for Shugen Roshi’s Opening Remarks offered to residents and home participants.

If you registered by 10am on Monday, 5/24, you will also receive a separate email by the morning of Tuesday,  5/25 with details about meeting with a teacher during the week.

If you miss any of the following talks, Wednesday through Saturday, you will be able to find those posted on our podcast page by 11am the following morning.

For liturgy services, if you are less familiar with our liturgy, or don’t own a copy of the MRO liturgy book, you can view and print online versions by visiting the liturgy page on our website.

Please join Hojin Sensei for closing reflections on Saturday, May 29th from 7pm to 8pm over Zoom. You can use this link, or log in with Meeting ID 886 5473 4221 and password “zmm.”

PLEASE NOTE: Our live stream is usually stable. It is possible, however, for us to lose connection once in a while, but never for more than a period of zazen. If you are encountering any difficulties on your end, it is usually one of two reasons:
A) Some of the streaming code on this page has changed, which requires you to refresh your page. The page refresh button is usually located on either side of your web address bar on your browser.
B) We are streaming at a high fidelity. Your internet may not have the bandwidth to reliably keep up. Try clicking on the settings circle in the lower right hand corner of your livestream video and change it from 720p to something lower, such as 480p.

This concludes this livestream feed.
Please join our ango concluding Shuso Hossen ceremony Sunday at livestream.com/mro beginning at 9:00am.

NOTE: If the webcast does not begin automatically, you may need to refresh your browser.

If you have any technical questions related to this endeavor, please email mroweb@dharma.net
Someone will check it regularly. Audio of the talks will be posted on our podcast page by 11am on the day after they were given.