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Date & Time Details: Saturday, June 19th, 10am-3pm

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The Creative Self: Dreams and Writings of the Imaginal

with Fanny Brewster

June 19, 2021

Writing and dreaming are journeys for the Creative Self to explore. When we engage in these ways we can hold with care the images of the creative imagination. We are invited to come in close to our deep heart, and experience the fullness of our emotional bodies and minds so we can be better attuned to healing.

What are we holding in our imagination? Perhaps, even more so: How is our imagination holding us? This moves us away from only an egoic perspective and allows us to be held by the Imaginal. What is new that can emerge from this perspective? The more we allow ourselves to see in a different way, the more we can discover and rely on new ways of expression. Collective trauma, pandemic dying, political grievousness, economic suffering, all contribute to helping us consider how to be with ourselves and with one another. We hope with deepening compassion.

Join us this Juneteenth, the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Let’s gather and share our creative aspirations for collective healing and liberation. Let’s journey together through dreamwork, writing and open-hearted discussions.

An evening session will be offered specifically for BIPOC participants as follow-up later in the summer. Stay tuned!

Donations are appreciated at this time.


Please have a journal on hand for writing, pencil/pen and any drawing materials you may wish.

Donations are appreciated at this time. 



Fanny Brewster
Fanny Brewster, Ph.D., MFA, is a teacher, Jungian analyst, writer and spiritual counselor working with individuals and groups towards creating more satisfying and balanced lives. She teaches at Pacifica Graduate Institute and the C.G. Jung Foundation of New York, as well as working with individuals in private practice. An author writing on culture, Jungian Psychology and creativity, she is also a published poet.
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