Suggested donation – $45.00 - $100.00

Date & Time Details: September 4th–November 22nd



Fall Ango 2021

September 7 - November 21, 2021

Ango is our three-month training intensive that takes place each spring and fall, a rich and sustained opportunity to bring our practice more in tune with our daily lives. This season we’ll be focusing on various teachings that present different ways of understanding karma, the law of cause and effect, specifically as it relates to our practice of compassion. This will be brought out through talks, retreats, workshops, and personal study.
In addition to practicing moment-to-moment awareness in daily activities, what other ways can you bring yourself into contact with the dharma during the day? Let this question guide you as you formulate your commitments for the training period. Ideally, your ango will include deliberate periods of practice in which you set aside time for one or two of the Eight Gates, as well as an ongoing effort to bring elements of the Eight Gates into the midst of your regular routines.

Please reflect on what is being offered and your other life priorities as you plan your commitments. Remember, the purpose of ango is to renew and deepen our commitment to practice and training as integral parts of our daily life.

Please register for ango by Saturday, August 28th and try to join the sangha online for an introduction to the ango on Thursday, September 2nd at 7:30 p.m. The Ango Entering Ceremony takes place on Sunday, September 5th. Also, please fill out and return your commitment form to the Monastery Training Office by Saturday, September 11th. After downloading the commitment form, you can either print and mail it to the Monastery or fill in the text fields, save the document, and email it to

You’re welcome to call the Training Office if you have questions.

Visit for more details.

Your registration confirmation will include study materials and information about special ango activities. You will also receive future emails over the course of the training period with more readings that will relate to scheduled study sessions.

Our online programs are offered by donation so that everyone can participate. We appreciate your support.