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Date & Time Details: Wednesday, November 24, 6:00–8:00 p.m.

Location: ONLINE

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Decolonizing Buddha—A Conversation for Black, Indigenous, Asian and People of Color (BIPOC)

with Eduardo Duran

November 24, 2021

This retreat is reserved those who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, Asian or People of Color.
Much of Buddhism in the west has been colonized by the simple fact that the Buddha has been transported into our communities via western ways of thinking. How western language works has a direct impact on how the teachings have been and continue to be transmitted. The Buddha’s words were originally spoken from a different reality, one based on tribal knowing and metaphor. Once this knowledge was translated into English and other western languages, the basic perception changed. This discussion will bring up how we can move beyond this misalignment while continuing to use western language. Dr. Duran believes that a new understanding will come from the Black, Indigenous, Asian and People of Color sangha in fulfillment of the words of Padmasambava, who prophesied that the Buddha of the future would be in the land of the ‘Redface.’

You can view Dr. Duran’s discussion on Decolonizing Therapy and Healing the Soul Wound as part of the Compassion in Therapy Summit here.

These conversations are sponsored by the BIPOC Sangha Group, an ongoing bimonthly meeting of sangha members who identify as Black, Indigenous, Asian, or as People of Color, gathering for peer-facilitated practice, study, empowerment and discussion.

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Eduardo Duran
Eduardo Duran (Apache/Tewa) is a psychologist who has been working in indigenous communities most of his professional career. He is a Vietnam Veteran who started his academic training after being discharged from the US Navy. He has been involved in Buddhist and traditional Native practices for many years, and his work is informed by traditional teachings from Native elders as he creates a hybrid model in his clinical practice to address the deeper issues resulting from soul wounding. Eduardo is the author of Buddha in Redface (Writers Club Press, 2003), a story that deals with these traditions as well as our karmic relationship to the Earth. He is also the author of Healing the Soul Wound: Trauma-informed Counseling for Indigenous Communities and Native American Postcolonial Psychology. He presently lives in the forest east of Bozeman, Montana.
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