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Date & Time Details: Thursday, January 20th, 6:30-8pm

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Ordinary Mind: Finding Peace in an Endlessly Spinning World

with Mark Sando Mininberg

January 20, 2022

It’s often said in Zen circles that Ordinary Mind is the Way. Yet in our work and media driven world, it’s normal to find ourselves endlessly chasing stories, sounds and images, under pressure, without pause or rest. Where in that anxious chaos would we even find the ordinary mind? And if we found it, would we really experience peace in our lives? Do we even have a moment to care about such a notion?

In this session, led by Mark Sando Mininberg, Sensei, we will use guided meditation and dialogue to explore our restlessness and direct ourselves towards experiencing our natural ordinary mind, the gateway to true peace. We will be guided in this session by the following Zen koan:

Ordinary Mind is the Way

The Main Case

Joshu earnestly asked Nansen, “What is the Way?” Nansen answered, “Ordinary mind is the Way.” Joshu asked, “Should I direct myself toward it or not?” Nansen said, “If you try to turn toward it, you go against it.” Joshu asked, “If I do not try to turn toward it, how can I know that it’s the Way?” Nansen answered, “The Way does not belong to knowing or not knowing. Knowing is delusion. Not knowing is a blank consciousness. When you have really reached the true Way beyond all doubt you will find it as vast and boundless as outer space. How can it be talked about on a level of right and wrong?” At these words, Joshu was suddenly enlightened.

 Mumon’s Verse:

The spring flowers, the autumn moon;
Summer breezes, winter snow.
If useless things do not clutter your mind,
You have the best days of your life. 

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Mark Sando Mininberg
Mark Sando Mininberg, Sensei, is president of Hospital Energy and is a dharma successor of Bernie Glassman, Roshi, founder of the Zen Peacemaker’s Order and Dharma brother of Daido Loori, Roshi, founder of Zen Mountain Monastery. Mark previously studied for 20 years with Daido Roshi at ZMM and was a senior lay student.
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