Date & Time Details: Wednesday, January 18, 7–8:30 pm EST

Location: ONLINE

(845) 688-2228


Body of Practice – A TGNC Affinity Group Discussion on Embodiment and Compassion

with Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Sangha Facilitators

January 18, 2023

Our very embodiment can be both a source of joy and liberation, as well as the locus of personal and social trauma. And very often simultaneously. How do we navigate those realities? How do we bring compassion and self-care to our suffering, and discover our resilience along the way? And how does all of this manifest and find home within our practice?

For our second Quarterly Meeting we invite everyone to gather and share their own experiences with these issues in a safe and supportive space. We will use an excerpt from the book Transcending as one example of a person’s journey, and have a chance to both explore and ground our own feelings using short periods of zazen.

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Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Sangha Facilitators
The facilitators are from the TGNC Sangha Practice Group, which is comprised of sangha members within the MRO who advocate for TGNC issues, provide a weekly sitting group, and offer a safe space for social interaction. For more information please email:
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