Suggested donation – $45.00 - $100.00

Date & Time Details: March 5—May 28, 2023

Contact: Registrar


Spring Ango 2023

March 5 - May 28, 2023

Ango is our three-month training intensive that takes place each spring and fall, a rich and sustained opportunity to bring our practice more in tune with our daily lives. This season’s theme will be Birth and Death. Themes will be brought out of these readings through talks, mondos, and personal and group study.

In addition to practicing moment-to-moment awareness in daily activities, what other ways can you bring yourself into contact with the dharma during the day? Let this question guide you as you formulate your commitments for the training period. Ideally, your ango will include deliberate periods of practice in which you set aside time for one or two of the Eight Gates, as well as an ongoing effort to bring elements of the Eight Gates into the midst of your regular routines. Ango participants will have access to zooms for Buddhist study, art practice, as well as related zazen intensives, and reading materials.

Please register for ango by Monday, February 27th. Once you register you will have access to the Spring Ango 2023 webpage password and receive your Commitment Form. You are invited to meet with training staff about the ango commitment form if you wish to on Thursday, March 2nd at 6:30pm via this zoom. As you reflect on what is being offered and your other life priorities as you plan your commitments, remember that the purpose of ango is to renew and deepen our commitment to practice and training as integral aspects of daily life. Please download, fill out and return your commitment form to the Monastery Training Office by Friday, March 17th, email to

Please join the sangha for the Ango Entering Ceremony on Sunday, March 5th via Livestream where Shugen Roshi will give opening remarks for the Ango

You will also receive regular emails over the course of the training period with Zoom links, study assignments and updates, and you’re welcome to call the Training Office if you have questions, and visit for more general details about ango.

Our online programs are offered by donation so that everyone can participate. We appreciate your support.


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