Suggested donation – $5.00 - $20.00

Date & Time Details: Sundays, 9 a.m.–noon

Location: Zen Mountain Monastery

Contact: ZMM Registrar
(845) 688-2228


Sunday Mornings at Zen Mountain Monastery

June 4, 2023

This registration is for returning visitors who have already received beginning instruction in meditation at the Monastery or at Fire Lotus Temple in Brooklyn. Participants for the day must take a rapid test before entering any buildings unmasked (please bring your own test); vaccination and boosters are suggested but not required.

Please enter through the front door of the Monastery and check in with the front door greeter when you arrive.

It’s wonderful to welcome back outside participants at the Monastery for Sundays! The morning will begin with a liturgy chanting service at 9am, followed by zazen, walking meditation (kinhin) and a talk by a teacher or senior student. We ask that participants stay for the entire length of the program. There is no fee to sign up, though any donation you are able to offer at the door would be greatly appreciated.

Spaces will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis, but please leave alternate weeks open for others!

If you need to cancel for any reason, please notify us in advance so we can offer the space to someone else.

You can see our updated health protocol here. Thank you for your support!