There is no charge for this retreat, but we gratefully accept donations – $0.00 - $60.00

Date & Time Details: Saturday, February 17th 9:30am - 4pm

Location: Online (Zoom link in registration email)

Address: 500 State Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contact: ZCNYC


Ecosattva Retreat (Online)

with Seisan, Chikyuu, Fusho, Tenfu, Bryan, and Ishin

February 17, 2024

How do we respond to the cries of the planet and her numerous beings?

Come gather with sangha members fresh off the One Earth Sangha’s EcoSattva training as we create space for individual and collective visioning of the world we want to create.  The morning will be dedicated to turning inward, quieting, and nourishing our Bodhisattva vows as Sangha members share what they’ve learned from the training to tend and befriend our own suffering, build resilience, and rest in the unknown.

In the afternoon we will gather inspiration from our Earth ancestor, by doing a Plum Village practice called “Touching the Earth” and from each other as we hear how sangha members are already acting on behalf of all beings. We will conclude with time to visualize through writing or art, our own vows as we take up the question of what we as individuals and as a sangha are called to do as Bodhisattvas. Everyone is welcome—you do not need to have participated in the Ecosattva training sessions.


Seisan, Chikyuu, Fusho, Tenfu, Bryan, and Ishin
Seisan, Chikyuu, Fusho, Tenfu, Bryan, and Ishin are sangha members of the MRO Earth Initiative.
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