Suggested Donation of $10- $100 per class – $20.00 - $70.00

Date & Time Details: Sundays, 2pm - 4pm, 3/10, 4/21, 5/26

Location: ZCNYC

Contact: ZMM Registrar


A Ringing from Within – Voice Practice Together

with Justin Ward Weber

March 10 - May 26, 2024

We don’t have to attain nirvana, because we ourselves are always dwelling in nirvana. The wave does not have to look for water. It already is water. We are one with the ground of our being. Once the wave realizes that she is water, all her fear vanishes. Once we touch the ground of our being, once we touch God or nirvana, we also receive the gift of non-fear. Non-fear is the basis of true happiness. The greatest gift we can offer others is our non-fear. Living deeply every moment of our life, touching the deepest level of our being, this is the practice of prajña paramita. Prajña paramita is crossing over by understanding, by insight.

— Thich Nhat Hanh, The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching

When someone asks you to stand up and speak or tosses you the microphone and says “take it away,” what do you feel? What arises in your body, in your throat? Do you feel at ease, do you feel pinched or scared? What thoughts come to mind? What would it mean to recognize that when we touch the ground of our being, we also touch our voice? It comes to be seen that the voice flows also from this wellspring, just as “the wave doesn’t have to look for water,” we are already our own voice. A relationship with our depths of being is a relationship with our voice.

Just as in zazen practice, contact with the still point benefits the voice as well. When give the gift of calm center to our voices, we release tension and allow them to vibrate freely. We give ourselves the room and time so that our voice can be witnessed for all that it is—without hindrance, allowing safe space to embrace the unknown qualities of the voice with fresh awareness.

Join Justin in three sessions giving space for the exploration of our relationship to our voice. Finding connection and reconnection with the seed of our voice, giving it the warmth and space to grow through singing, chanting, attentive listening, vocal improvisation, musical exercises, body consciousness and more. There will be moments of group singing and also opportunities to hear single voices solo in front of each other, so come prepared with a little bravery! We will be hearing our voices exactly as they are.

*Consecutive attendance is not required — you are welcome to attend one or all sessions.


Justin Ward Weber
Justin Ward Weber (they/them) is a Black trans/non-binary composer, pianist, music director and mystic based in Brooklyn who practices at Fire Lotus Temple. Justin has a rich and diverse musical background, but what brings them the most joy is working with those who’ve not yet given their voice a chance to shine. They believe that anyone can enjoy making music and singing if given the space to express themselves.
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