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Date & Time Details: Thursday November 14, 2024 7-9pm EST

Location: ONLINE

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Introduction to “Feeding Your Demons®” (online)

with Lopön Karla Jackson-Brewer, M.S.

November 14, 2024

Are you wrestling with your demons? Struggling with depression, anxiety, illness, an eating disorder, a difficult relationship, fear, self-hatred, addiction, or anger? The the harder we fight our demons, the stronger they become. If we want to liberate ourselves from the fight once and for all, we must reverse our approach and nurture our demons.

Feeding Your Demons®, provides a powerful method for coping with the inner enemies that undermine your best intentions. Based on an extraordinarily simple yet effective five-step practice, Feeding Your Demons outlines a strategy for transforming negative emotions, relationships, fears, illness, and self-defeating patterns. By recognizing your demons, giving them form, and then feeding them, you can free yourself from the battle. And the paradigm shift from fighting to feeding demons can apply not only to your personal challenges but also to the challenges of the world at large.

In this introduction of the practice of Feeding Your Demons®, Lopon Karla will give us a prelude to a longer in-person retreat scheduled for the Spring of 2025.  This introductory practice promises to give remarkable new insight into the forces that threaten to defeat you, along with the tools to achieve inner peace.

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Lopön Karla Jackson-Brewer, M.S.
Lopön Karla Jackson-Brewer, M.S. has been a student of Lama Tsultrim Allione for 32 years. Karla has been practicing Chöd for over three decades. Lopön Karla has assisted Lama Tsultrim on many Chöd Retreats and has co-taught Chöd since 2013 with Lama Tsultrim and Löpon Chandra Easton. She continues to teach and lead Chöd Practices for the NYC Tara Mandala Sangha which she leads. In October 2012, she received the Chod Empowerment from His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje. She leads a monthly BBAIPOC meditation practice for Tara Mandala. Karla is a founder of Sine Qua Non: Allies in Healing, an Integrative Therapy Practice in New York City. She is an adjunct Professor in the Women’s & Gender Studies Department and the Africana Studies Department at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Karla is a Public Speaking Coach, and a Star Factor Emotional Intelligence Coach, and has worked with The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. She has developed and conducted numerous anti-racism and cultural literacy trainings. Karla is also an initiated priest in the West African system of Ifa.
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