Date & Time Details: Tuesday-Sunday, October 15-20, 2024

Location: Zen Mountain Monastery

Contact: ZMM Registrar
(845) 688-2228

Note: We ask those who have participated in True Refuge Week in the last 2 years to please delay registration to allow others the opportunity to practice in this way. 


True Refuge Week: Self-Directed Intensive Practice for MRO Students

with MRO Teachers and Senior Staff

October 15 - 20, 2024

Ah, not to be cut off,
Not through the slightest partition
Shut out from the law of stars.
The inner-What is it?
If not intensified sky,
Hurled through with birds and deep
With the winds of homecoming.

Rainer Maria Rilke

All of Buddhist practice is leading us toward our true homecoming: the discovery that this very life, this very heart-mind and body, can be the source of our deepest fulfillment. Through training, and sincere, well-directed effort, as well as the support of a conducive environment, we can find that the refuge we seek is already here. While most formal Zen training at the Monastery involves surrendering our unique needs and interests to the container of the schedule and community, we are offering this week of intensive practice to nurture the journey in a different way.

This retreat is limited to formal training students in the Mountains and Rivers Order.

We ask those who have participated in True Refuge Week in the last year to please delay registration to allow others the opportunity to practice in this way. 


For True Refuge Week, you’ll be part of a cohort of no more than ten MRO students, each stepping into residency for a special week of intensive practice in which your personal aspirations will help shape the container. You’ll have oryoki and regular meals with the residents and serve on a meal crew, participate in morning, afternoon and evening zazen and liturgy, but beyond that, the field is wide open. Would you like to devote concentrated time to studying a particular sutra? Sit zazen intensively outside the context of sesshin? Delve into art practice within the autumn splendor? Or perhaps you’d like to make time for each of these? Would you find it supportive to be in silence for the week? Or are you looking forward to the chance for conversation with fellow practitioners? As we listen to each other and reflect on our own practice, we will begin to form our intentions for the week. The Monastery staff will be here to support you and will set up conducive practice spaces for you and the rest of your group to use based on your needs. 

Our hope is that the True Refuge Week will provide a different way for you who are training students to intensify your practice, quiet your mind, open your heart and investigate the most important matters of this life. We’re offering this as an alternative to sesshin and it fulfills the student and ango sesshin requirements. This can be a great ground for your growth, for the deepening of yet a greater understanding of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. 


As with all in-person retreats at the Monastery, participants are required to follow the current protocol for keeping everyone safe (this link is updated frequently so check back). Review the current protocol requirements before registering, and if you have further questions, please contact the registrar.

Public transportation is available to the Monastery: please contact Trailways (tel. 1-800-858-8555 for schedule from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC).  See these travel instructions for details.  

If registration is full, please add your name to the Registration Pool. 

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MRO Teachers and Senior Staff
Many of our retreats are co-led and facilitated by both lay and monastic teachers as well as senior monastics in the order. To learn more about our teachers and staff, visit this page.
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