Suggested donation – $50.00 - $100.00

Date & Time Details: Saturday, July 20th 10am - 1pm

Location: Zen Center of New York City

Address: 500 State Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contact: ZCNYC


Authentic Movement: Opening to the Body’s Voice

with Paula Josa-Jones

July 20, 2024

Movement, to be experienced, has to be “found” in the body, not put on like a dress or a coat.
— Mary Starks Whitehouse, Founder of Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is a practice of listening and attunement, of slowing down and opening to a more intuitive sense of body and psyche. In the presence of a compassionate witness, the mover surveys their own inner landscape of the body and allows themself to be moved by whatever impulses arise. Through this process, the mover discovers their own compassionate inner witness.

Paula is a kind, experienced and attentive spaceholder for this kind of practice. She can “read a body like one reads and respects a sutra” (Hojin Sensei). We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with her at the temple. Please join us!




Paula Josa-Jones
Paula Josa-Jones is a dance artist, choreographer, equestrian, author, movement educator, therapist, and Vipassana practitioner. Her background includes deep research into theater, somatics, improvisation, film, Deep Listening, Laban Movement Analysis, Body-Mind CenteringⒸ, interspecies relationships, equine studies, Authentic Movement and eco-performance. Much of Josa-Jones’s solo performance work arises from her own experience of being gender non-conforming, and movement explorations of the deeply complex architecture of identity and expression. Her writings on movement and dance have been published in Contact Quarterly. Her book, Our Horses, Ourselves: Discovering the Common Body, was published by Trafalgar Square Books.
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