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Date & Time Details: Sundays, 2pm - 4pm: 6/16, 7/7, 8/4

Location: ZCNYC

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A Ringing from Within – Arising Heart Rhythm

with Justin Ward Weber

June 16 - August 4, 2024

A drum is a voice, alive and feeling as with any voice. When it speaks then we must listen and honor the message with our best and noblest selves, for it is a voice with great power and it is a voice that is a gift to us from a great being. If we do this, then our lives will be full and happy.
— Louis W. Ballard, Quapaw-Cherokee

What would it mean to recognize that when we touch the ground of our being, we touch the very essence of our voice, our living itself, our inner rhythm? Rhythm is present in every aspect of each moment, powering the warmth of our hearts, pumping our blood, driving our brains, pushing us up at sunrise, bringing us down at sunset. It is not just the voice that flows from this wellspring, but also rhythm! In a way, we are already our own drum, vibrating with each beat out into space, just like the drone of crashing ocean waves, or hastened rustle of trees in the wind. Our relationship with our depths of being is a relationship with the very movement of life itself, which is pulse, drumming ever forward.

Just as in zazen practice, when we give ourselves the gift of calm center, we release excess tension and allow voice and body to vibrate freely, just like tapping the tuned head of a drum that rings a deep sonorous and spacious sound. When we give ourselves the room and time so this can be witnessed for all that it is—without hindrance, we then allow safe space and gentle quiet to embrace the unknown qualities of the voice and hear the subtle rumbles of our inner electric pulses, our biorhythms, our heartbeat. We can catch a glimpse of the drumming of all things.

Join Justin in these three special sessions of “A Ringing from Within” where space is being given not only for the exploration of our relationship to our voice but also to our inner rhythm center. Finding connection and reconnection with each other’s inherent musical nature with warmth and space to grow through singing, chanting, playing of hand percussion instruments, studying the nature of rhythms, attentive listening, vocal improvisation, and body consciousness. There will be moments of group singing and playing as well as opportunities to hear vocal and drum solos in front of each other, so come prepared with a little bravery! We will be hearing our voices exactly as they are-our hearts beating exactly as they are meant to do.

Let us ask the question together: “What are you drumming, ringing, singing into your life at this very moment?”

*Consecutive attendance is not required — you are welcome to attend one or all sessions.


Justin Ward Weber
Justin Ward Weber (they/them) is a Black trans/non-binary composer, pianist, music director and mystic based in Brooklyn who practices at Fire Lotus Temple. Justin has a rich and diverse musical background, but what brings them the most joy is working with those who’ve not yet given their voice a chance to shine. They believe that anyone can enjoy making music and singing if given the space to express themselves.
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