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Awakening to Karma: How Karma Manifests as Our Life and Practice

with Ron Hogen Green, Sensei

May 17 - 19, 2019

What is karma?

Every choice we make is filled with potential, yet moving beyond karma is the ultimate aim of the Buddhist path. According to the Buddha, it’s because of our own volition that karma forms — the essence of our intention, expressed as actions of body, speech and mind.

What does this mean for our practice and for our own awakening? How does the relationship between karma and our life help us to foster a more compassionate way of living? To live in a more open and heartfelt way?

“Karma can be understood as the key to spiritual develop­ment, revealing how one’s life situation can be transformed by transforming the motivations of one’s actions here and now.”  ~Rita Gross

Because of our conditioned tendencies, it may make appear as though we are not in control over our responses to life. But just as we have developed negative tendencies, we also have the power to cultivate our compassionate, generous, enlightened, loving, helpful qualities.

In this workshop, we’ll explore what is meant by a willed action and why the Buddha emphasizes the need to be mindful of every choice. We’ll look at our intention to live mindfully, making decisions that turn our karma toward the cultivation of wholesome actions.

With intention, our choices and habits will change. Gradually, we begin experiencing a transformation in our character and our whole being changes — our entire world opens up in a fresh, new light.

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Ron Hogen Green, Sensei
Hogen Sensei has been engaged in formal Zen practice since 1978, and was in residential training at the Monastery for twelve years before returning to lay life in 2007. He shares his time between the Zen Center of NYC and rural Pennsylvania, where he lives with his family. Hogen received dharma transmission from Shugen Roshi in 2016.
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