Zen Kids and Teens

Buddhist Program for Children

The mission of our youth and family programs is to help children and teenagers develop self-awareness, kindness, and a sense of interconnectedness with all beings. We offer this through meditation, art, music, games, and outdoor activities.

Zazen is the heart of our practice. Even a few minutes of stillness supports children to calm their minds and bodies, bring more attention to the present moment, and meet each other with kindness. 

Creative expression invites children and teens to explore themselves and the world with originality and vitality. We move our bodies, create visual art, make collaborative music and more to encourage children to find and express their unique voice.

The beautiful grounds of the monastery are ideal to experience the vibrancy of life all around us. The kids and teens explore and play in the forest, grow plants in the garden and even cook meals over a fire, cultivating a deep connection with the natural world.

Our programs are offered via age-appropriate groups. All three youth programs are currently meeting online via Zoom. 

Zen Kids (ages 3-10): Thursdays, 3:30-4:30. Email Sekku and Eve at zenkids@dharma.net for more info. 

Zen Tweens (ages 10-13): meets biweekly, the second Tuesday and last Friday of the month. Email Scrap and Jo at zentweens@dharma.net for more info. *Zen Tweens is returning to in person Sunday programs on June 13, 9am-12pm.*

Zen Teens (ages 14-18): meets monthly, times vary. Email Kien at zenteens@dharma.net for more info. 


Our staff is made up of monastics, residents and lay practitioners with a deep commitment to creating a space in which children and teens can skillfully relate to one another, cultivate a strong and grounded sense of self, and discover for themselves one of Buddhism’s primary teachings—that each one of us is perfect and complete just as we are.

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