Dharma Encounter: Living Birth-and-Death

Geoffrey Shugen Arnold
Dharma Encounter: Living Birth-and-Death

Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Roshi

Zen Mountain Monastery, Mt Tremper, New York, Sunday 05/28/2023

Dharma Encounter at the conclusion of the May 2023 Ocean Gathering Sesshin

How do we live in the context of the teachings of identity of relative and absolute, that the nature of things is fundamentally empty, and non-dual? How does realizing these teachings liberate us? How do we live in the truth of “Birth-and-Death”? How do we live and understand “Every Day is a Good Day”? How do we understand “Ordinary Mind”? Shugen Roshi invites students to take up these questions and engage with him in Dharma Encounter.

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