Dharma Encounter: On the Courage to Listen

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Dharma Encounter: On the Courage to Listen

Ron Hogen Green, Sensei

Zen Mountain Monastery, Mount Tremper, New York, Sunday 04/28/2024

Dharma Encounter at the conclusion of the April 2024 Apple Blossom Sesshin

A foundational aspect of relationship: listening in all it’s myriad forms… How do we practice it? How do we understand it in terms of the Precepts, or the Four Noble Truths, with Vow? What’s missing when we’re not listening? Hogen Sensei engages the Sangha with this theme, presenting a koan from the Book of Equanimity, “The Wisdom of the Flower Garland Sutra,” along with the poem “Listening” by David Ignatow.


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