Entering the Flow

Danica Shoan Ankele, Senor Monastic

Zen Mountain Monastery, 7/25/2020

“All dharmas are ultimately liberated, they have no abode. We should realize that although they are liberated, without any bonds, all dharmas are abiding in their own state,” Dogen writes in the Mountains and Rivers Sutra. Shoan speaks eloquently about the reality that this profound statement evokes, noting the ways that the river’s constant flow is mirrored in the swift passage of time, the changing of the seasons, and life’s intractable uncertainty.  Our suffering, she explains, is a result of our determination to remain on the bank of the river, observing and judging what passes by. She encourages us to “dive in!”, recognizing that we, like the river, are in a constant state of free movement and remarkable transformation.

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