From the Archives: The Dance in Your Bones

From the Archives
From the Archives: The Dance in Your Bones

John Daido Loori, Roshi

Zen Mountain Monastery, 9/11/2005

The True Dharma Eye, Case #55

There is a music in us, an inner voice which is audible to our teachers, but not always to us. We can’t express this music using other’s words or other’s ways of seeing things. Yet the expression of it is the vital thing; it’s not enough to embody it — we have to be able to communicate that truth. Daido Roshi encourages us to ‘let our bones dance’, to respond, and to sing with others in such a way that it creates a voice that doesn’t belong to anyone; our collective voice. That is true expression, true intimacy; that is truth; which in turn leads to true compassion that we can activate in the world.

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