Fusatsu: Spring Deity and Earth Protectors

The Zen Mountain Monastery Podcast
Fusatsu: Spring Deity and Earth Protectors

Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Roshi

Zen Mountain Monastery, 3/11/2021

For this first Ango Fusatsu, this special invocation was included during the service which preceded this talk, drawn from Dogen’s writings about the Ango Practice Period:

As we reflect quietly, fragrant winds drift across the fields, and the Spring deity opens her arms in all directions. At this time, the Buddha Shakyamuni calls students of the Way to gather together within the Sangha Treasure, and invoke the Earth-protecting divine beings. We express deep reverence for all guardians of the Earth – human and beyond human, sentient and insentient – and are inspired by their myriad virtues, as we dedicate offerings to beings everywhere. We pray for their protection and for the fruition of their beneficial actions.

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