Here, There’s More For Us To Learn

The Zen Mountain Monastery Podcast
The Zen Mountain Monastery Podcast
Here, There's More For Us To Learn

Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Roshi

Zen Mountain Monastery, 05/29/2021

Gateless Gate, Case 48 – Ch’ien-feng’s “One Way”

How do we harmonize inner and outer and learn to understand the expression of dualities? As there will always be more for us to learn, how can we go forth knowing that at each stage of our life we are functioning within a degree of ignorance and blindness? Master Ch’ien-feng’s answer is: “With humility”. The mind of the person on the way gets transformed from samsaric hunger to the appetite of a seeker. Shugen Roshi suggests that we can delight in our hunger to know more rather than be distressed by our ignorance. This is not an egotistic process however; we should remember that our seeking must be for everyone.

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