Jukai Ceremony, Fall Ango 2022

Geoffrey Shugen Arnold
Geoffrey Shugen Arnold
Jukai Ceremony, Fall Ango 2022

Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Roshi

Zen Mountain Monastery, New York, Sunday 11/13/2022

Shugen Roshi officiates the Fall 2022 Ango Jukai ceremony at Zen Mountain Monastery. Today, five students – Hogetsu, Shinrin, Sonju, Jiko, & Chian – formally receive the sixteen Buddhist precepts, taking up these living teachings, living vows in the company of the sangha with family and friends.

Stephanos Hogetsu Koullias (“Liberated Moon”)
Walter Shinrin Burton (“Facing Truth / Facing Reality”)
Tasha Sonju Ortlof (“Reverent Pearl”)
Jesse Jiko Caudill (“Compassionate Peace”)
Weston Chian Minissali (“Peaceful Ground”)



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