Jukai Ceremony, Spring Ango 2019

Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Roshi

Zen Mountain Monastery, 5/12/2019

Shugen Roshi officiates the Spring Jukai ceremony at Zen Mountain Monastery in which the following six students received the sixteen Buddhist precepts: Tess Kisei (“Noble Vow”) Edmonds, Richard Seigen (“Sacred Eye”) Mocciaro, Ian Joren (“Pure Undivided Truth”) Falcon, Bruce Getsudo (“Way of the Moon”) Glick, Christine Zuimon (“Auspicious Gate”) Fowle, Ellery Seifu (“Sacred Wind”) Eskelin.  As part of the ceremony Shugen Roshi offers teachings on the moral and ethical teachings of Zen Buddhism, and the particular challenges we face in living with, and through, these vows.

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