Novice Ordination for Taikyo Gilman & Hokyu Aronson

Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Roshi

Zen Mountain Monastery, 11/17/2019

To listen to this recording is to participate in the joyful ceremony of the Tokudo Samu, or Novice Ordination, of Taikyo and Hokyu. Shugen Roshi celebrates the interdependence of the monastic and lay communities that comprise the sangha and explains the details of the steps along the monastic path. Novice monastics take the Bodhisattva Vows and the Monastic Vows of simplicity, selflessness, stability, service and accomplishing the Buddha’s Way. Shugen Roshi notes that there will never be many people who choose to dedicate themselves to the monastic life, but there will be enough.

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