Suffering Cannot Reach It

Ron Hogen Green
Suffering Cannot Reach It

Ron Hogen Green, Sensei 

Zen Center of New York City, 03/07/2020

True Dharma Eye, Case 260

Hogen Sensei asks: How do you actually wake up, using the events of your life to become real? In the koan, the monastic asks Caoshan “Where do we go to avoid the heat?” We come to practice for answers to the “heat,” the many forms of delusion and suffering. Sensei says that even when suffering we can be present with fundamental acceptance and love, and then “no suffering can reach there”. There is a goodness that does not belong to bad or good judgements, and wherever you may find yourself, you are standing in the midst of the Buddha Field. Each thing is whole and complete, so, start with yourself and be present.

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