The Tripitaka is Embroidered in the Eiheiji Brocade

Ron Hogen Green
The Tripitaka is Embroidered in the Eiheiji Brocade

Ron Hogen Green, Sensei 

Zen Mountain Monastery – Broadcasted from Hogen Sensei’s home in Pennsylvania 04/19/2020

From the Eihei Koroku

Please note that there are a few words in this recording that are not clear due to technical difficulties.

From his home in rural Pennsylvania, Hogen Sensei offers this talk on the path of realization as this world at this time—a Buddha field manifesting wisdom and wholeness of all phenomenon—which is our world, the world of things and people, where nothing seems certain. We take refuge in the three treasures of Buddha, dharma and sangha especially by looking deeply within ourselves, at our honest feelings, and our tenderness and fears. “Emotions can also become refuges,” he says, by returning to our roots, our willingness to witness difficulty, to practice our feelings and not neglect the simple joys and surprise in day to day life.

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