Vast Is The Robe of Liberation

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Vast Is The Robe of Liberation

Gwitha Kaido Nash

Gwitha Kaido Nash, Senior Lay Practitioner

Delivered to Zen Mountain Monastery from New Zealand, via Zoom, 8/19/2020

How the Buddhadharma came to Aotearoa/New Zealand is part of Kaido’s story. Another important aspect is how this now 32-year old sangha reflects its own place and time. The sangha made a collective decision to incorporate the cultural restoration of the Mauri people, the native New Zealanders, within their own practice and liturgy along with what has been transmitted from the Mountains and Rivers Order of Zen Buddhism. With contemporary writings and relationships, Kaido finds the spiritual teachers of Maori ancestry speaking of this “formless field of benefaction” as the welcoming nurturance and integrity in which we and all creatures are completely enveloped.

For a moving reflection on the development of our Kiwi sangha over the years, watch this short film made for the 30th anniversary, celebrated in 2018.

And watch the video of Kaido’s talk below.

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