Yaoshan’s Discourse

The Zen Mountain Monastery Podcast
The Zen Mountain Monastery Podcast
Yaoshan's Discourse

Ron Hogen Green, Sensei

Zen Center of New York City, 6/1/2019

True Dharma Eye, Case 79

Hogen Sensei takes up the case of Yaoshan’s Discourse in Dogen’s Three Hundred Koan Shobogenzo to reflect on the importance of Zazen. This talk reviews two common misperceptions about zazen: “letting it all go” and bypassing what needs to be worked through, and also using Zazen as a meditation practice to dwell on thoughts and missing the opportunity to examine what is the “self”. Referring back to the “thundering silence” demonstrated by Yaoshan, Hogen Sensei offers encouragement that we are already on the path to realize suchness that is beyond speech by just sitting.

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