Become a Practicing Member

Deepen Your Connection

The Practicing Member program was created for those wishing to develop and maintain a relationship with the teachers and sangha at Zen Mountain Monastery and the Zen Center of NYC, but without the formal requirements of a Training Student. Becoming a Practicing Member is a great way to support the Dharma in your daily life, and the work of the Mountains and Rivers Order.


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Practicing Members have access to online seminars, discussions, and practice sessions with a teacher, as well as discounts on all in-person retreats.

Video mondos: A mix of lecture and discussion, these are a wonderful opportunity to get to know the teachers and work with them in a direct but informal way.

Practice discussions: This group offers support for those who would like to tap into a more intimate sense of community. It is a space for discussion and support with a senior monastic serving as a facilitator and guide.

Online practice sessions with a teacher: A significant aspect of Zen practice and training, the opportunity for individual, face-to-face teaching is newly available for Practicing Members.

Friday night seminars: The Nuts and Bolts of Zen Practice. Learning to love this life—the one you are living—is at the heart of the practice of Zen. How does Zen help us do this? How can we create a home practice that supports us? These questions and many others will be explored in a format that includes plenty of time for Q&A.


In keeping with the ancient practice of Dana Paramita, Practicing Members help support the MRO with sliding scale contributions ranging from $10 to $25  per month (this range is also flexible based on need). Membership dues go directly to our day-to-day operations which include maintaining our buildings and grounds and supporting our teachers and monastics. Dues cycles begin each January but can be prorated based on the date of signup.

Do you have a question about membership or other forms of involvement? Send us an email.