Retreat Teachers


Katie Yosha Scott-Childress

Katie Yosha Scott-Childress is a senior MRO student, ceramic artist, and a creative public librarian.

Events with Katie Yosha Scott-Childress

Mountain Bowl, Mountain Fire—A Clay Retreat
August 7 - 11, 2024

Please note: We will give priority to some new folks to attend this year. We’re asking everyone to please join the Registration Pool, and the Registrar will contact you as openings are made available. If you have already participated in a clay retreat within the last 3 years, due to the limited number of participants, we will notify you closer to the retreat date if there are openings. We are happy to again to welcome participants for this four-day clay retreat. We will begin working with wet clay and work through the week towards a day of glazing and Raku firing. This year we’re celebrating this dynamic duo leading this retreat together for over 16 years! We’ll learn to form clay bowls by hand, landing in the moment as we feel the clay respond to our every touch. Alongside this will be a joyous journey of exploring mark-making as we collect a palette of colors and pigments from Mount Tremper’s mountain body and pigments culled from the nearby Esopus River.  With our creations dried, we will glaze the work and fire it in a wondrous  600-year-old traditional Japanese firing known as raku (translated as “relaxed ware”). We will also explore some…