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Ellery Seifu Eskelin, MRO

Ellery Seifu Eskelin, MRO, has been a professional musician since 1981 in the world of jazz and improvised music. He has traveled internationally and has released recordings documenting collaborations with a broad range of musicians. He has been practicing at the Temple and Monastery since 2014, receiving jukai from Shugen Roshi in 2019.

Photo © Luciano Rossetti

Events with Ellery Seifu Eskelin, MRO

Sound Listening
September 8 - November 17, 2024

Seeing forms with the whole body and mind,  hearing sounds with the whole body and mind,  one understands them intimately -Dogen   The world pulses with productive energy and vibrations of sound, each manifestation of this unfolding doing its own work on behalf of the universe, true to its own creative impulse. In these sessions we’ll be coming together to investigate sound and, through listening, enter into the circle of wonder and exploration. Together we’ll investigate improvisation, not as a style of music but as a process. We’ll explore sound in its elemental and ephemeral form together with silence to create a kind of aural poetry. Along the way we might ask,  what makes a sound complete?  When does sound become music?  How does our deep listening affect the music?   We will investigate relationships through intention and response, making individual statements for each other, playing in different combinations and together. Please bring an instrument! The instruments we’ll use will be acoustic (meaning no amplification or electronics). Make it something you can easily bring. Otherwise, we have a limited number of wooden flutes, recorders, or percussion instruments to get you started. Any level of experience is welcome–that includes none–and you can attend…