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Sangha Harmony Advisory Council

The Sangha Harmony Advisory Council (SHAC) is composed of diverse and dedicated sangha members who will endeavor to represent the needs of historically excluded groups as well as the larger sangha as a whole.  Although SHAC is empowered by the MRO teachers and Board of Directors, its authority ultimately derives from its trusted representation of the entire sangha

Events with Sangha Harmony Advisory Council

The Grief Sharing Space (online)
July 21, 2024

To deny grief is to rob ourselves of the heavy stones that will eventually be the ballast for the two great accumulations of wisdom and compassion. ~ Joan Halifax How many times a day, week, hour do we hear or see something that’s really difficult, that’s painful to behold?  World events, societal events, personal events, the environment — can leave us feeling adrift, feeling like we can’t even believe what is happening in the world we live in.  All too often the effects linger in our hearts and minds, causing a deep sense of grief and dis-ease.  In response to the ongoing violence throughout many regions of the world including Gaza and Israel, the growing instability in the US, the pain of environmental degradation and climate crisis, of racial injustice, oppression, gender, sexual orientation and ability biases, and more,  many of us have been holding a range of difficult and painful emotions. How can we find some peace? Sometimes part of that process is being together, acknowledging and belonging to each other in our pains and sufferings. We invite anyone in the sangha to come and share what is happening for you. We have a path of practicing the Dharma which encourages us to turn towards suffering and pain, to see…