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Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Osho

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel is an author, ordained Zen Buddhist priest, teacher, seer, poet, artist, and drum medicine woman. She is guided by deep intuition and through her capacity for lucid dreaming. The essence of all her transmissions come together in her talks and books.

Zenju Earthlyn Marselean Manuel, was born in Los Angeles, California to  parents that migrated from Louisiana. She was raised with a younger and older sister, in the Church of Christ where she was an avid reader of the Bible and adored the true teachings on Christ’s path well into adulthood.

For a brief time she attended ceremonies with a tribe/family of diviners from Dahomey. After 15 years in the Nichiren tradition/Soka Gakkai, she eventually followed the path of Soto Zen for many more years and was ordained as a Zen Buddhist priest in the Suzuki Roshi lineage. For 17 years she participated in Sundance Lakota prayer ceremonies. The evolution of her life continues in which she welcomes new gateways.

Events with Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Osho

Sesshin for Black, Indigenous, Asian and People of Color (BIAPOC)
September 12 - 15, 2024

Please join us for the MRO’s second BIAPOC-only sesshin at Zen Mountain Monastery. This retreat is reserved for those who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, Asian or Person of Color In this silent retreat, we hope to create a protected affinity space for members who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, Asian and People of Color (BIAPOC). New or more experienced BIAPOC practitioners are welcome to join us. Together, we will embrace the liberatory practices of our Buddhist ancestors through sesshin, characterized by silence and deep introspection. We will wake up each day before dawn to begin a schedule that includes meditation, chanting services, formal silent meals (oryoki), silent work practice, body practice, and talks by the teacher and senior students. Because sesshin is a very intensive retreat, if you have not attended sesshin at Zen Mountain Monastery you must have a pre-sesshin interview before you register. If you have questions about this process, please call or email the Training Office at (845) 688-2228, or Sign up for a pre-sesshin interview here. If registration is full, please Join the Registration Pool.  As with all in-person retreats at the Monastery, participants are required to follow the current protocol for keeping everyone safe (this…

Opening to Darkness in Unsettling Times
September 19 - 22, 2024

We are born from the darkness. We return to the darkness. And throughout all of our lives, the darkness is ever-present. Yet do we really understand the dark? With Opening to Darkness, Zenju Osho explores darkness as a cosmic landscape for transformation within unsettling times, rooting her teachings in indigenous earth-based wisdom, her Buddhist practice, and her lived experience. For Zenju Osho, darkness is both a universal concept and embodied experience—and she’s witnessed firsthand how our cultural rejections of darkness can have painful, real-world effects. Here, we’re asked to confront the questions: What has been lost in our pursuit of the light? And what has or has not been born into ourselves and our world because we fear, oppress, and misunderstand the dark? Opening to Darkness is a profound invitation to explore our collective and personal relationship with darkness and blackness, so that we are skilled, intuitive, and awake in the absence of light. Zenju Osho will offer the Sunday dharma talk, and after lunch will have a book signing featuring her recent publication, Opening to Darkness. As with all in-person retreats at the Monastery, participants are required to follow the current protocol for keeping everyone safe (this link is updated frequently so check back).…