The Soto Zen Buddhist Association at ZMM

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In September, Zen Mountain Monastery hosted the biannual conference of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association for three full days of practice, discussion and exploration. Close to 70 ordained priests and transmitted teachers joined the conference, representing dozens of training centers and sitting groups throughout North America. Following the conference, we spoke with Tenku Ruff who serves as the president of the SZBA Board of Directors and was very involved in the organization of the event. CLICK HERE to see photos from the conference. Continue reading “The Soto Zen Buddhist Association at ZMM” »

Margaret Gibson at the Buddhist Poetry Festival

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Margaret Gibson in conversation with Zuisei Goddard, Sensei

Zen Mountain Monastery, 7/6/2018

Over the course of four decades, Margaret Gibson has amassed a body of work as rich and varied as it is consistent in aspiration. One reads a poem by Margaret Gibson and comes away having shared in the yearning to see deeply, often exploring how seeing through another’s eyes can expand our sense of self. Continue reading “Margaret Gibson at the Buddhist Poetry Festival” »

Podcast Interview: Zuisei Goddard on Mindfulness


The term Mindfulness—as an approach to meditation or perhaps as a lifestyle choice—seems to be everywhere one turns these days. But it’s origins in the Buddhist canon and its explication by some of the great meditation masters of the ages, can lead us to equanimity, insight and, ultimately, to wisdom and compassion.
​In this March 2017 interview with Zuisei Goddard, Sensei, we talk about the misunderstandings and true potential of cultivating—and maintaining—awareness​. This conversation was recorded ahead of Zuisei’s April 2017 retreat, “Taming the Mind.”