Temple Advisory Council

ZCNYC Advisory Council to the ZMM Board

The purpose of the Zen Center of New York City (ZCNYC) Advisory Council is to provide updates, give advice, and make recommendations to the ZCNYC Abbess, Abbot or Guiding Teacher, and the Director of Operations on matters pertinent to the smooth running, operation and maintenance of the Fire Lotus Temple. ZCNYC, while a branch of ZMM, is distinct from the Monastery itself because of its location, its reliance on lay sangha, and its more direct access to a diversity of people and resources. The Advisory Council seeks to leverage these distinctions to support city practitioners in a way that is unique and in harmony with the teachings and practices of the Mountains and Rivers Order (MRO).

Duties & Responsibilities of the Advisory Council 

  • Provide input into long term objectives of programming for ZCNYC and give input on programming needs 
  • Advise on staff operations and needs 
  • Advise on facilities and maintenance issues 
  • Advise on ZCNYC budgetary needs above $5,000 
  • Advise on community engagement  
  • Advise on social activities designed to strengthen the sangha  
  • Review and advise on any decisions of the ZMM Board that directly affect ZCNYC prior to ZMM Board finalizing such decisions 
  • Keep the Abbot of the Monastery abreast of items being reviewed in the Council (via meeting minutes and discussions with the Abbess, Abbot or Guiding Teacher of ZCNYC), and offer input and guidance to the Council as necessary.
Sandy Joshin Del Valle
Philip Tan
Oliver Hartman
Zabette Tenfu Loisel-Weiner
Grant Chapman
Hojin Sensei
Tess Kisei Edmonds
Marie Ninsei Ringo
Patrick Yunen Kelly
Jim Sanzen Cole

If you’d like to get in touch with a particular TAC member, please contact the Temple Office at zcnyc@dharma.net.