Medicine and Disease Heal Each Other

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Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Roshi

Blue Cliff Record, Case 87

Zen Mountain Monastery, 3/24/2019

In this talk, Shugen Roshi uses Yunmen’s pithy teaching on medicine and sickness as a way of looking at the profound and challenging truths of non-attachment and non-duality. Although we may have many ideas about what these words mean, it is only through direct study and practice that we can really understand and embody them. This is the path to genuine compassion and relaxed freedom.

Spring Ango Opening 2019 ZMM

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Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Roshi

Zen Mountain Monastery, 3/3/2019

As we step into a new training period, Shugen Roshi reflects on “Manifesting Buddha,” the theme for this ango. He also talks about the work of confronting oppression, particularly the subtle kinds that we inflict upon those different from ourselves. This work is none other than the spiritual development of all buddhas and ancestors who sought to clarify their karma of negative emotions, self-grasping, and delusion.


A note about the below video: apologies for the low quality image at the start. It improves over the course of the talk.