Buddha’s Enlightenment Vigil

Each year, we join Buddhists the world over in honoring the Buddha’s enlightenment with an all night vigil. We mark the occasion by renewing our own aspirations and dedication to the path of meditation.  We’ll begin at 7:30pm on Friday with some opening remarks by Shugen Roshi. From there on until Sunday morning at 7am, the zendo (and now Livestream) remain open with no periods or talks; alone together with our bodies, minds, and breath. When we need sustenance, we take food, when we need to stretch our legs, we step out of the zendo, when we need some rest, we rest and return. If other responsibilities need tending to, we take care.

Regardless of our coming and going, those of us at the Monastery will be present from 5:30am on Sunday for the final hour of the vigil.  We will then lift the silence  with a 6:30am liturgy service. The livestream then concludes but will resume with our regular Sunday Livestream program at 9am and another special service marking Buddha’s Enlightenment. For the Sunday program, please turn to livestream.com/mro.

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PLEASE NOTE: Our livestream is usually stable. It is possible, however, for us to lose connection once in a while, but we will be intermittently monitoring the situation. If you are encountering any difficulties on your end, it is usually one of two reasons:
A) You may need to refresh your page. The page refresh button is usually located on either side of your web address bar on your browser.
B) We are streaming at a high fidelity. Your internet may not have the bandwidth to reliably keep up. Try clicking on the settings circle in the lower right hand corner of your livestream video and change it from 720p to something lower, such as 480p.

If you have further concerns, please email mroweb@dharma.net