What is Whiteness? Affinity Group

Zen Mountain Monastery’s What is Whiteness? Affinity Group meets monthly on Sundays, 1-2:30pm and at additional times by decision of each small discussion group. All those who identify as white are invited to attend when registration is open (see ZMM Programs page for details).

Why a group for white people?

The purpose of the What is Whiteness group arises from the truth that White folks in the U.S. have inherited and inculcated 400 years of White Supremacist systems of beliefs, attitudes, policies, laws, and images. We recognize that the intention of these systems is to overtly oppress and marginalize People of Color and to provide unearned benefits and advantages for White people, as well suffering and diminished lives. 

What is Whiteness is committed to studying these many, interlocking systems; seeing how they inhabit our bodies, minds, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs; and working to free ourselves of our implicit and explicit bias through the teachings and practice of buddhadharma. We are committed to manifesting our anti-racism work so we are, in tangible and demonstrable ways, moving towards a more equitable Sangha and society. In this commitment, we will hold ourselves – and each other – to be accountable to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC.)

Meeting Format

We use The Circle Way format for our meetings. If you are interested in joining us, you might find it helpful to review the basic meeting guidelines first.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

For the Fall 2020 Ango Training Period, we are offering a supportive, commitment group for those who are formally participating in the ango. Click here for details.