Residential Programs


Short-Term Residence

Residencies are available for periods as short as a week. Short-term residents may train full time at the Temple or do a mix of their own work and work for the Temple. Those who choose to train full time at the Temple follow the daily schedule, doing sangha work practice during the morning and engaging in study of the Eight Gates in the afternoon.

Long-Term Residence

Long-Term residence is available for periods of up to a year and is designed for those who want to dedicate themselves to intensive Zen training while maintaining work or school responsibilities. Residents begin their day with morning zazen and service, leaving the Temple to begin their day of work practice when necessary. If they work from a mobile office, they might remain at the Temple during the day, taking their meals with the sangha and following as much of the training schedule as they are able to. All residents conclude their day with evening zazen. Residents receive training in liturgical service positions and are given a weekly caretaking responsibility. Residents also participate in each month’s zazen intensive and as many other retreats as they can.

For those who leave the Temple for their work during the day, residency provides a wonderful atmosphere that helps to keep one grounded in the practice and teachings of the dharma. Within the fast-paced life of the city, it is deeply nourishing to begin and end each day within the peace and silence of the Temple. For residents whose work practice can be conducted during the day at the Temple, the quiet and simplicity of Temple life can be a powerful way to keep one’s attention and energies focused and concentrated.


Artists-in-Residence follow the same schedule as full-time residents. Their work practice is the active development of their artwork. They may choose to do their creative work in a studio at another location in the city or at the Temple itself if appropriate. The Temple has a large space that may be available for daytime use for artists, depending on their medium.


Each week, from Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon, all residents have hosan, a period when the daily training schedule is lifted. This time allows residents to rest and take care of their personal affairs. Residents who work Monday through Friday may choose to be off schedule on most Saturdays. All residents are required to participate in the Sunday morning program.

Fees and Scholarships

The fee for residency is $250 per week, or $1,000 per month. This includes all training fees, meals, housing, retreats, workshops and courses at the Temple. Due to the small size of the Temple’s resident community, our ability to offer financial assistance is limited. Those who would like to enter residency but are financially unable to meet the full monthly fee may apply for a partial scholarship. These are awarded based on an applicant’s financial need, their work skills, and the needs of the Temple.

Application Process

If you have questions about residential training at Zen Center of New York City or if you would like to apply for a period of residency, please contact the Temple training office. We will send you an application, answer any questions you have, and if you choose to apply, schedule an interview.