Zen Kids and Teens

Buddhist Programs for Children and Families

The mission of our youth and family programs is to help children and teenagers develop self-awareness, kindness, and a sense of interconnectedness with all beings. We offer this through meditation, art, music, games, and outdoor activities.

Zazen is the heart of our practice. Even a few minutes of stillness supports children to enjoy calm minds and bodies, bring more attention to the present moment, and meet each other with kindness.

Creative expression invites children and teens to explore themselves and the world with originality and vitality. We move our bodies, create visual art, make collaborative music and more to encourage children to find and express their unique voice.

The beautiful grounds of the monastery are ideal to experience the vibrancy of life all around us. The kids and teens explore and play in the forest, grow plants in the garden and even cook meals over a fire, cultivating a deep connection with the natural world.

Our programs are offered via age-appropriate groups.

We look forward to sharing practice with you and your family.

A member of the kids programs offers a flower for the Buddha's birthday ceremony.
Tween "elves" serve a festive meal to the local community at our annual Dana Dinner.
The teens savor a campfire snack.

Youth Program Groups and Contact Info 

Zen Kids (ages 4-10): In person Saturdays and Sundays, and online, dates below. Email Sekku and Eve at zenkids@dharma.net for more info.

Zen Tweens (ages 10-13): Online bimonthly, times vary. Email Scrap and Jo at zentweens@dharma.net for more info.

In person Sunday programs: July 11, August 15, 9am-12pm.

Zoom Tuesdays: June 29, July 27, Aug 31, 5pm.

Zen Teens (ages 14-18): Monthly, times vary. Email Kien at zenteens@dharma.net for more info. 

Zen Kids @ Zen Mountain Monastery 2021, In Person Programs

Sunday mornings offer our young Sangha the opportunity to come together to practice Zazen, enjoy animal kinhin, eat together, play, be creative, discover stories and more. Once a month, from 9am – 12 noon. (Dates below)

Saturday mornings
are dedicated to creativity! We’ll be getting inspired by the natural world to create artwork, movement, poetry, sounds and more. All materials provided. Once a month, from 10am-12 noon. (Dates below)

We’ll all be masked and programs will be outside. Drop us a line if you have any questions.

6th, Sunday (Zen Kids)
12th, Saturday  (Creative Play)

4th, Sunday (Zen Kids)
10th, Saturday  (Creative Play)

8th, Sunday (Zen Kids)
14th, Saturday (Creative Play)
20th-22nd, Family Camping Retreat. Details coming soon.

Sunday 5th (Zen Kids)
Saturday 11th (Creative Play)

Sunday 3rd (Zen Kids)
Saturday 9th (Creative Play)

Discovering stillness within our bodies and minds.
Cleaning up is a lot more fun when we do it together!
Putting our whole selves into it!
Serving each other as we share a meal.
Unleashing our creative spirit.
Cultivating reverence, gratitude, and generosity
Investigating the world with curiosity and creativity.
Growing a sense of interconnectedness with all beings.